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We’re here to help! and it’s staff have read thousands of residency personal statements and have served on med school and residency program admissions committees. We know what it takes to make a winning essay and perhaps more importantly we can smell a bad essay from a mile away. A good essay can help you secure a strong residency interview position so you get the chance to meet program directors and show off why you’ll make a terrific resident. Why use Unlike many essay editing services who may be English majors or Ivy League college grads, we use only physicians who have sat on real admissions committees at major academic residencies and universities.

Need help reading over your pre-med personal statement,or essays for your AAMCAS application or Secondaries?
Want a consult for your NRMP Residency Match Personal Statement? We’re here to help!

We have very reasonable suggested contribution amounts for our editing services. You’re going to spend thousands of dollars traveling and interviewing for the place you’re going to spend the next 3-7 years of your life, don’t you want the best chance possible? We are here to provide honest, straightforward and useful advice for the applicant to keep you from making the most obvious mistakes and to help improve your essay’s readability and suitability for a residency personal statement.

Just a few things people have said about our services:
“Thanks a great deal for reviewing my personal statement. I will make
all the changesyou suggested. Also thanks you for your encouranging words. This really gave me a boost as I was very apprehensive.”

” Great advice… really hit home for me… I think you’re right on all points. I’m a very frank and honest person myself, so I really appreciate your candor. I’m gonna make the necessary changes asap, and if you don’t mind, I’ll send you a revamped PS as soon as I’m done for your [second] opinion.”

” I found your advice on my original PS to be VERY helpful and eye-opening… so much so that I wrote a brand new PS! ”

We have two general categories for donations for reading personal statements. You contribute what you feel is fair for the amount of time an MD will take to read thru your essay.

1. Second opinion ($60): You feel your essay is almost ready and you have spent many hours checking it over, removing spelling and grammar mistakes. Your essay has been read over by a couple people and you want to be sure the content is right and that the essay makes sense. This essay should not need major re-writing.

2. Consultation ($95): Your essay needs some work, you have put hours of work into it, and have many good ideas. You may have some grammatical mistakes or are quite unsure of the right content. The essay is definitely not 100% ready, and you need help making sure the essay will be well received by program directors. Please use the PayPal donate button below to make your contribution. Remember, you are sending the amount that is fair for a physician experienced in reading personal statements for residency to read your essay.

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As a reminder, essays send to MDpersonalstatements may be published on the site (at least one year after submission), and after being made fully anonymous. If you do NOT want your essay published in the future, please let us know when you submit your essay. Thank you!