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internal medicine residency personal statementInternal Medicine Residency Personal Statement

My strong desire to improve people’s lives led me into medicine at  the five-year M.D. program at International Medical University, one of the nation’s most prestigious medical institutions. During my last year of medical school, I completed a one-year internship at an affiliated university hospital, a serving more than 6 million people each year providing me with solid clinical training.

After working as a resident physician at The Woman and Children’s Hospital for three years I was drawn to internal medicine because I am fascinated with the complexity and varied nature of human diseases. Internal medicine offers a wide spectrum of disease pathologies which involve all organ systems. It is intellectually challenging to be able to establish extended relationships with patients, to deliver skillful care to a diverse patient population, to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, and to pursue the understanding of the underlying pathophysiological events of human diseases. The practice of internal medicine also suits me well as it provides me with the opportunity to use my strong organizational skills while working through the details in managing the complexities of every case.

To expand my knowledge base of human diseases, I went on to complete medical research training at Large International Medical University as well as US State University where I worked for six years. The structured training in conducting clinical research has broadened my educational experiences, which strengthened my belief that a good understanding of underlying pathophysiological events of human diseases will make me a better physician in clinical practice.

To maintain and build my clinical skills, after my research training I started observerships at the US State Hospitals. By working with Dr. J at the student health services, I realized that primary care physicians play an important role in preventive medicine and health promotion; they serve as an efficient first link between patients with this extensive health care system. The practice of medicine involves a systematic interpretation of available lab results and imaging data, which helps in yielding logical and cost-effective treatment plans. To become a good internist, one not only needs to master the clinical management skills utilized in all the sub-specialties of internal medicine, but also needs to know how to interact with a wide variety of other specialties. By working closely with every service in the hospital, internists can serve well as primary investigator in a team and carry out optimal patient care. In 2008, I completed medical rotations and sub-internships in internal medicine, cardiology, infectious disease, neurology and medicine consult service. These rotations have provided me with invaluable hands-on clinical training. While rotating through internal medicine, my interests were solidified.

My hardworking personality and dedication towards achieving goals have been a source of motivation for me. I am enthusiastic, open to learning and have a good-natured team spirit. While on a rotation for medicine consult, I took on additional cases to help my senior resident because we had a higher work load than usual. In return, it helped build my confidence as I gained more independent experience in clinical practice. Additionally, I am responsible and committed to my duties as a clinician.

The formal medical rotations at the US State hospital have refined my skills as a team player, an efficient communicator, and a loyal advocate of patients. I am more determined to devote myself wholeheartedly to augmenting my clinical skills so that I can make a positive difference in patients’ lives.

I have chosen internal medicine because it is a complex field where a comprehensive plan of care for patients is essential. I aspire to join a residency program that offers well-rounded and diverse learning experiences of human diseases in multiple sub-specialties of internal medicine. I believe that residency will strengthen my competencies and offer the expertise necessary to excel in Internal Medicine. I now look forward to the challenges and the excitement of becoming a productive member of that team. My long-term goal is to become a compassionate, competent and highly reputed physician in the future who can contribute to the health care of society including the underserved population.

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