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Personal Statement Rule #1

tipTip # 1 : Don’t Talk About the Value You Place On Education.

Everyone in medicine obviously values education a great deal. You don’t need to emphasize this or think you’re the only one in the world who values a good education. It really doesn’t matter now if your parents were tough on you or if they pushed you to excel. That is irrelevant now that you are about to be a resident.

“I have always placed a high value on education.  As the youngest of three sisters growing up in a part of the country where girl children are still not very well received, I knew early on that I would have to work hard to prove myself and carve out a professional niche for myself in society. I have been very ambitious through out my life and it has always been one of my primary goals to make my family proud. Always a very successful student, I was particularly interested in logical subjects like science and math. Whenever I earned good grades my parents eyes would always light up with a sense of joy and pride and seeing this would further inspire me to strive harder in life.” – from a real essay
“From my childhood my parents took special interest in my studies as any responsible parents do. But I always found myself in a better position when compared to my peers in the school regarding the knowledge related to science. My parents, especially my mother used to read and listen to different science articles, understand them and explained me and my siblings and encouraged to question and I developed the thought process from the very childhood. I participated in many science exhibitions as a spectator in my school age followed by my own science projects. I also passed many National Science Talent Exams which was out of my regular school curriculum.” – from a real essay
importantAgain, not only does this writer compare himself to other children (irrelevant), but he also talks about how the parents read them scientific articles. How is this supposed to be relevant NOW? Do yourself a favor and do not bore the reader!

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